Climate change is at strong presence in the media landscape. There are numerous approaches to prevent the impending disaster and anyone can contribute. Help to transform all forms of air pollution into art.

What you can do with [F]Art.

– Visualize the invisible.

-Aestheticize your environment.

-Respond constructively to the pollution and sensitize your
Environment in regard to ecological issues.

Artist Statement

The intention of the project is the analysis of social responses to precarious situations and the medial reflection of these issues. The mass media produce neglect. An intensive examination of issues is not required or doesn’t generate a positive share. Political discourses are stimulated only ephemeral to encourage short-term communication. Then they turn to new subjects in order not to lose their entertainment value. [F]art is designed as a mobile device to exactly counteract this effect. The recipient decides completely self-sufficient when and where he uses this device. Next the use of this object produces attention and therefore there is an option to enter into a dialogue with each other. Another important aspect is the extension of individual perception to a new level which affects the movement within the environment.

Technical description:

A gas sensor detects air contaminants and depending on the intensity of the measured values the graphical representation and the auditory representation of the emissions changes. The inputs and outputs are controlled by a microcontroller and the algorithm generates graphics and sounds.

-Arduino microcontroller
-gas seonsor
-mini speaker
-9V battery

Arduino/Processing IDE and arduino programming language.

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