Christian Streinz (Aschaffenburg, Germany) is an artist and freelancer in
the realm of new media. Born 1980, he studied interdisciplinary arts at the
Vienna School Of Arts (Austria) with the focus on software art, game art and
physical computing. Since 2007 he lived and worked in Hamburg and Aschaffenburg. He
is working as a freelancer with the focus on concept, programming and
graphics, for many institutions in the context of culture and education.

Selection of exhibitions & participations:
Soho in Ottakring, „begex“, Vienna, 2007| Elektrohaus-Hamburg, „circenses“,
Hamburg, 2008| DIY-Festival, „notepad 3D“, Bonn, 2009| XP-ON-ART, „For
what?“, Hamburg, 2009| Platine-Cologne, „For What?“, Cologne, 2010| XP-ON-
ART, „Ultima Thule“, Hamburg, 2010| lab30, „Papergame“, Augsburg, 2010|
Museumsnacht A’burg, “[F]Art”, A’burg, 2011| Pixxelpoint new media art
festival in Nova Gorica(Slo), „Papergame“, 2011| XP-ON-ART, „Wutbürger“,
Hamburg, 2012| Digital Graffiti Festival at Alys Beach in Florida (USA), „Notepad 3D 2.0“, 2012 |
VECTOR Game + Art Convergence new media art festival in
Toronto(Can), „CodePlay“, 2013| Aschaffenburger Kulturtage; „For what?“,
Aschaffenburg, 2013 | “110010000 SCHLOSSABGEGRIFFEN” Group Exhibition, Aschaffenburg,
Artist & Curator, “Urban Network” & “Castle on The Road”, 2014 |
Kunst im Qaurtier in Aschaffenburg, „ArtCade“, 2016 |
Museumsnacht in Aschaffenburg, „ArtCade – Hommage an Kirchner“, 2016 |
Bahnhofsfest in Aschaffenburg, „ArtCade – div. ArtGames“, 2017 |