Game Aphorism

The intention of this project is to initialize a new sub-genre in computer games.
The focus is on interpreting the metaphors used in each language.
An increasing relevance of pictures and a gradual erosion of previously existing code conventions (Alphabet) can be obsevrved in the information culture.
The medium computer game is very complex and stimulates the recipients, simultaneously on many sensory levels. This is exactly why games are predestinated to transport information.
This project adapts the symbolism of language and converts it into their pure form (images).
A universal code is used → imagery. The algorithm respectively the „lingua mathematica“ generates this imagery. This project demonstrates how people are conditioned by media.
Therefore at the end of each piece (game-aphorism), my subjective visual interpretation of the aphorism gets recoded and the aphorism will be shown in its linear, historically coded prototype.

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