The intention of the project ‚Loading‘ is the involvement with speed, distance and the position of the individual person in the context of the new media. At first this installation art is confusing for recipients since there are expectations due to the scene that shows an integrated scene and a short loading sequence which connotes the game will be continued shortly. People are being conditioned to certain patterns of behaviour by consuming media. This means specifically for this project that you expect the loading process to end at some point but here the artist consciously transferred a finite process to an infinite one.
The loading process is focussed by the recipient to fill a marginal process with contents. Consequently a new meaning of this process is issued and a contemplation is stimulated. The acoustic accompaniment which is a contrast to the scene showed a meditative atmosphere is issued. The recipient can interact with the installation and play several sounds. This work shows waiting as an analogy to our life, an iteration of our presence which is directed permanently to our future.

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