Un/Plug & Play

The intention of this project is to deal with interface conceptions and to analyse their effects to the human behaviour in the context of the interaction between a human and a machine.
Gameplay: The concept of the game is applied as a skill based game. The players have to synchronize their avatars (coloured squares) with their counterpart. Once this is achieved a connection will be issued and the score will be incremented. The player with the highest score wins.
2-4 players:
Statement of the artist: This project plays with the expectation of the users as they can’t use the game pads as usual. Not only the used medium is a game but this concept is playing with the recipients and other regulations are imposed on the users. According to Flusser you could speak of a reprogramming of the users.

Technique: The software was developed with a modern Basic dialect. The application refers to several joy sticks and communicates with the OS to determine if the device is connected or not. By this the movement of the avatars is manipulated. Also popular procedures of game development are applied.

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