Ultima Thule

This work analyses the interfaces and the reception of digital media. The displays of our computers, handhelds and smartphones, etc. are a window into a parallel world. Via interfaces we have partial contact with these digital environments. Unfortunately there are hardly any possibilities to transfer the content of this medium into our physical world.
There are only printers that offer that possibility, although only fragments can be shown.

This parallel world is an imaginary, mathematical space which can only be described by the universal machine (computer) and the universal language (lingua mathematica). In this project a pixel is sent on a journey through this space where it expands this space through incrementation and iteration. This expansion is measured in pixels and the algorithm translates these values into the metric system to simplify the reception and the imagination of this expansion. The whole life is based on repetition – Recursion in mathematics (Fibonacci series, fractals, geometry, etc.) or in communication (system theory) show us that we are already part of this subtle simulation only by our sheer existence. The dichotomy of body and mind has become obsolete because our body serves as a conduit to our cognition transferred via an electronic body into the digital collective memory. Thus our body is used for cognitive growth and overcomes geographical boundaries and carries our spirit in an infinite process.

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