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The intention of this Game-Art project is to reduce inherent game functions such as being rewarded for certain actions to absurdity. Most conventional games generate a pressure to perform while you’re being stimulated (by certain rewards) to achieve predefined targets. This is an analogy to the modern working environment where emploitment is being accelerated and social pressure is rising enormously. Status symbols are part of networked games just like in our society. In order to keep them the players have to operate within the predefined regulations. If you’re behaviour is not compliant to the rules you will be sanctioned or socially segregated. This is all happening in a legal vacuum which means specifically that unique fundamental rights (personal rights, labour law, etc.) are being ignored in game environments. For example there are the Gold Farmers (what are Gold Farmers?) in WOW etc. These represent a counterpart of factory employees of the 19th century since they are in precarious employment relationships. My intention is to sensitise players of such games and also interested persons for these kinds of topics.

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