Papergame is a new computergame experience with anachronistic hardware.
This game uses a dot matrix printer as graphical output, that means the
algorithm draws the gamescenario directly onto the paper. The developer
selected the scrolling game genre to show the users the real process of
one of the important game genres.
The developer intention on these project
is to transform the game structure from the digital environment into the
physical world. Instead of creating an illusionistic scene, papergame shows
the technical reality frame by frame or even page by page. The low velocity
of the gameplay encourages the user to reflect the gameconcepts and the inherently structures.

Game play:

Blocks are falling down on random positions and the player has to avoid these blocks.
The goal of the game is to survive the rushing block movements and to crack the
highscore (current highscore: 58). If the player gets hit the game is over.

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